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I was invited to be a guest on their radio show Life Changes. It was quite a good interview and I was invited to have a session with Dorothy. The room had such great energy that I thought I would give it a chance. Then I was asked to fill out a questionnaire. I found this a bit unnerving and questioned the reasoning behind such personal questions. I put it off for a few days thinking about the motives and possible consequences.  Ultimately, the decision to go forward with it was determined by addressing why I had an interest in exploring the experience in the first place. I have a deep, personal interest in conscious expansion and awakening inspiration, awareness, and human potential. When I reviewed the nature of the questions I realized the act of writing them was as much for me as for Dorothy. I needed to articulate issues that might have caused restrictions, resistance and blockages in my life, and to formulate my hope for the things I'd been working toward and wanted to bring into reality.
I needed to have a concise and focused vision of where I'm at right now, what I'd like to "let go of," and where I'd like to go. Otherwise, why was I even interested in exploring what might be yet another "new age" mystical experience. I came to realize that in order to be of the most benefit to me, Dorothy needed this kind of information, the kind brought about through numerological and astrological influences, and understanding of meaningful moments and issues in my life. I decided to go with it. The discussions with her were totally positive and nurturing. I have meditated for more than 30 years, studied Kabalah, Vedanta, and Quantum Physics, been enthusiastic about affirmations, "The Secret" and the Power of Intention, studied martial arts and yoga. Everything she and I talked about was energizing and uplifting. She has an expansive knowledge of a wide range of spiritual and mystical arts and I found the talks to be quite engaging.  But all this was followed by something that transcended talk and concepts and high minded ideas. It involved lying on a bed over thousands of crystals, and an audio-visual-physical "experience." This, for me, was a tangible, transcendental experience quite unlike meditation or anything else I've ever experienced. It was quite all-consuming, involving vibrations of light and sound and electricity, a balancing of chakras, and a shift of awareness that I felt throughout my body, all guided by Dorothy, and all leading to an experiential realization and reminder that "we transform ourselves."  The experience has enhanced my meditations and invigorated my commitment to create an even more positive and productive life experience by directing my thinking using affirmations, visualizations, and tools that allow me to "feel" this "shift in consciousness," embracing new dimensions of potential. I have enthusiastically recommended seeing Dorothy to all my friends who are interested in finding out the secret never revealed in "The Secret." It needed to be "felt." And for those of us who are mentally locked up or terminally cynical, it might just be an interesting experience. For me it has been quite positive.
Shadoe Stevens (



I've been blessed to have attended Dorothy's workshop multiple times. Every single one of the workshops I have been a part of, has been a unique and incredible experience. ​Dorothy offers and provides more than you can expect and think of. This is not a conventional energy or spiritual workshop, and it has been one of the most powerful and defining catalysts that has brought me to new levels of self-love and empowerment.​  I'm incredibly grateful for how the workshops have brought so much value to every aspect of my life. You don't have to be a healer or consider yourself one to take this class. I have witnessed countless people experience breakthroughs, incredible insight, and miracles as a result of attending Dorothy's workshop.  There is so much more I can say, but words don't do it justice. It is something that you definitely have to experience. Every person leaves the workshop with their mind blown, and the positive effects continue even after the will see your life change for the better.  Thank you for creating this space Dorothy, and reminding us of who we really are...​Clare A.​


Dorothy’s incredibly valuable course has taught me so much about life and how to navigate it properly and in the name of truth and love. I am very grateful for her guidance and wisdom, she has helped me save my life. Lexi H.


I​n one weekend I got what ​I  have been searching for most of my life: the answers, the tool chest, no b.s. way to easily joyfully create your life with massive support. The manual for a successful happy life. If you want to find your power you will remember it in ​Energetic Alchemy.   Dorothy is the perfect example of teaching and living these key principles that you can implement right away. You will know you are worthy for the best and start acting like it. Change will  happen automatically, instead of a struggle and stressful results. I am in the magic zone most every minute of every day since attending last Sat and Sunday!! I’m ready to bust out of my corral and live what was in me to be because I'm back in the saddle again!!!  Hands down the best investment of my life.  Hailey Cohen


“Be transformed by the renewing of your mind”. Powerful words that I have clutched at for years of my spiritual practice. How? How do I renew it? What are the tools? What are the right tools? Who should I trust with my spiritual growth? So many charlatans exist, so many “Gurus” to follow, so many cults of seemingly good and honest people, yet again and again they fall short. Some eventually show their humanness, their ego at play, this is good. Some reveal the darker forces that work through them that perhaps they are not even aware of. Even better. Discernment is key. Why? Because the renewal of the mind is something no-one but our higher selves can ultimately do. The Guru may show the way, but when the “way” comes only through the Guru, we have denied the light of Source within, the light that is always authentically showing the Way. My way is not your way, her way is not his way. Only the higher self, in each of us, in direct connection with Source, is The Way. This was the Master Teachers true teaching. Go Direct. Anything else is about control. My heart and my mind begins again. Thankyou Dorothy Lee Donahue for sending me home with the tools that after all these years are not only confirming what I have somewhere known all along, but tools that are finally allowing me to go to work, to renew my mind, in all its glorious imperfection. You are one of very few “Way-Showers” Dorothy, thankyou for all you have equipped me with to heal and to be transformed. You are an Alchemist. Thankyou for helping me realize that I am an Alchemist too. Reirani Taurima



This course went beyond my expectations. It was truly magic. I received so much healing and insight, and I still feel myself vibrating on a higher frequency from the energy of the weekend. A deep transformation seems to be taking place. Not only did I deepen my connection to myself and my own spirituality, I also formed beautiful connections with the other amazing and powerful healers who took the course with me. From just being present and receiving the information, I feel that my subconscious was being reprogrammed for love, abundance, positivity, and transformation. Though it has only been a couple of days, new opportunities for abundance have already been showing up for me in a number of different ways. This course was truly what I needed to accelerate my spiritual growth and expansion. I am so grateful that I said yes to this. One of the most special gifts that I received from this course was a belief in myself and in my abilities as a healer. I am now so excited to continue on this path and to put what I have learned into practice. Dorothy is an incredible healer and teacher and I recommend this course to anyone who is ready to begin or further their healing practice.  Megan D


It has been well over a year since I met Dorothy, and I'm so grateful that I did. I was in a dire situation where I had serious health issues that for some reason couldn't be detected by any tests doctors would give me. When my family turned away from me for lack of evidence of illness, I took it upon myself to turn towards alternative medicine and heal something that I knew I had. Very soon after this low, low point in my life, I came across Dorothy and all her magic. She treated me like family and has always been such a generous person with me. I had always felt I was a hassle or a shame in my family, but Dorothy's compassion is out of the roof and she has been patient with me despite my downfalls and short-comings, and that is something that has helped me slowly but surely improve to where I am today, to a great extent. 

I went at this energy work and reiki stuff blindly at first. I didn't know what to expect but at the time I was willing to do anything and I felt I was at the right place at the right time. And let me tell you, it works. I FELT things move and change around in my body. There WAS a difference between when I came in and when I left. I still remember. My digestive tract had definitely improved. And I felt the weight come off me after talking through the issues that I had experienced. 

It was amazing. And it's really something that you have to experience for yourself, and who better to experience it than with the best: Dorothy. This woman is the real deal. I took her reiki class too, and I learned about things I didn't even know I was capable of until I put it into action. And now I do energy work on my friends or even myself every now and then, and I find that what I usually feel energetically in someone else is pretty accurate!  Dorothy also provides you with a TON of resources to look over and it seems like a lot a first but if you be patient and take it one document at a time, you will find that it is the most useful thing ever! And you can always call her when you have any questions, she will not turn you away. She has really helped me beyond what I initially had thought was capable. Dorothy is just magnificent. Honestly, if your sitting here reading reviews wondering if you should go for it or not, please do. You can usually tell when a person is serious about their work, and from the moment I started working with her, I did not doubt her one bit.

Victoria M.


After doing the workshop with Dorothy, I can say assuredly that my life has changed forever. Not only do I feel rekindled with my true life purpose, I am reconnected to my very soul. Through her guidance and wisdom, Dorothy has taught me that our potential in this world is infinite and that the only barriers that truly exist are the ones created by our minds. Feeling awakened is an understatement, the energy which flows within me now is beyond anything I ever imagined. I have already been able to perform my first healing and there will be many more to come! I have to thank Dorothy for showing me what I'm able to do and giving me the confidence I needed to bring Divine Light into my life and the people I love. All I can say is, this workshop goes so beyond Reiki, it's about remembering who you truly are and what you came here to do. I sincerely recommend doing this if you are seeking purpose and identity, because she will give you the answers you need and far beyond that. She is truly an amazing being of light who will reinvigorate your faith in God and the beauty of Life itself. Thank you, thank you, thank you Dorothy for all the Light you have brought to my life to this day.  Thomas S.


I gained more than I had anticipated from Dorothy's 2-day Reiki class. She is incredibly wise, and genuine, and it is felt strongly through her teachings and her presence. I really appreciated that she shared her knowledge so generously on topics that went deeper than a typical reiki class. She made me feel empowered and reminded me of the great things I am here to do. Her place is beautiful and I was blessed to also to be able to take the class with 2 other lovely ladies. I left feeling a sense of great peace, awakenness, and the courage to take on the mission that is purposed for me here on earth. She gives you TONS of resources that are priceless for our overall growth and healing.  I truly recommend working with Dorothy, as it will surely change your life and you will be continually transformed even after a session with her. 
Thank you to my spirit guides, angels, and Dorothy :)  Clare A. 


Dear Dorothy, 

The weekend workshop was a life changing experience for me. Being a mental health provider, most of my healing energy is directed toward others. You were amazing at identifying and releasing my personal blocks. This has allowed for my healing energy to begin to flow within myself. I had no idea how much I truly needed you. Your channeling of my grandmother who passed twelve years ago brought comfort to my aching spirit. Your positive outlook on life, and the overcoming of trauma is inspiring. I have begun utilizing some of the tools I learned in the workshop for my own healing, as well as for my clients. Every therapist, mental health practitioner, and healer should take your workshop. I hope you know what a precious gift you are to our planet. I can’t wait till I have another session with you. Thank you for passing through my world.

With gratitude and love,  Stephanie Hunter Jones M.A.

I had a lower back issue. Dorothy addressed the emotional causes underneath this affliction. I could see she was correct in her assessment. She treated the physical, mental, & emotional nature of my pain. Even better, she introduced me to some tools I can use to continue my healing process. I went to her place for a 3 hour session. She was most accommodating in booking me at my earliest convenience. The session was like a magical mystery tour with her giving me the keys at the end. We went well pass the 3 hours; she's generous with her time & knowledge. I heartily recommend her to anyone who has an interest or need in individual and/or collective healing. I use to be skeptical of many of the concepts Dorothy represents, but no more. Working with her has opened my eyes.

I was so impressed with Dorothy's private session that I booked a spot in her weekend workshop. Let me tell you that she offers so much more than standard Reiki attunements & initiations. I know because I received Usui Reiki I & II years ago. It's great stuff but Dorothy's incredible development of it along with her bag of Energetic Alchemy tools gives the sincere student a supersonic heavyweight lift into the endless stratosphere of compassionate healing awareness. Don't delay, please investigate what she has to offer.

Thank you, Miss Dorothy; you're lovely, elegant, & wise.

Gilbert R.


To whom it may concern I am writing this to give my insight as to what happen for me when I spent time with Dorothy Donahue... I am a producer/director of commercials for the last 20 years. I also have been lecturing for 15 years on how to apply spiritual principles to manifest a positive psychic change... I work with the souls that are the hardest to deal with, the ones that think there may be no help for them... These people are not into woo woo stuff nor am I. I was introduced to the idea of meeting with Dorothy and heard great things about her from people that I trust. But still for me I am not a guy who has felt the need to have some one tell me what my future is, or why I am here on this earth. I have found my purpose in life and I am a happily and usefully whole man. So I don't know if Dorothy knew what she was in for with me, I am truth seeker and I can detect fools in a second... So I said why not and went to spend some time with the lovely Dorothy. I had a white light experience is the only thing I can say. What Dorothy was able to do for me was open a channel that was euphoric, I entered a state of ecstasy... I was totally blown away and I know that no 2 people will have the same experience. I believe that Dorothy has created a personal portal that is unique to each individual like our finger prints, all who walk through the portal that Dorothy has opened will have a personal experience unlike any other... Dorothy is the real deal, and as it should be, each person who spends time with Dorothy will have their own experience of the unknown yet so familiar... I had a soul experience and I am not a BEGINNER by any means. Some say I have changed their lives forever... this is the greatest compliment I believe any person on earth could be given... I can say that Dorothy's knowledge and experience has changed my life forever. I had a positive life changing experience with her. She is a beacon of light and shares her light with all who see her... I checked into her after the session and found others have had the same kind of awesome experience. I highly recommend Dorothy to anyone who is looking for a doorway that will open you up to the universe and take you to the next level....

Much Love,
K.C. Pierson






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