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Love and Miracles and Energetic Alchemy

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Dorothy Lee is considered one of the foremost experts in the world today on the "Shift of the Ages." She is sought out by people all over the globe as an actual "Stargate" herself for the cosmic consciousness that is entering planet earth now for the "Shift.”  She and her work are unique.  She is an anchor point for Spirit to enter into form and help people clear their own specific blocks and barriers that keep them from moving into their own light bodies.  People call her a "cosmic accelerator" – she brings in Multi-Dimensional light to help people clear whatever stands in their way of full body activation, a necessary component of the shift.


Dorothy Lee has taught Energetic Alchemy and Conscious Co-Creation courses worldwide. She is a Universal Philosopher of Absolute Reality, a Medium, a Channel of the Star Brothers and Sisters, the Ascended Masters and the Archangels.  She is a Minister, Shamanic Reiki Master and an Energetic Alchemist.  Makhosi Baba P.H. Mtshali, Zulu Traditional Healer and Sangoma declared Dorothy Lee Donahue a Master Shaman (Sangoma), in December, 2001.


Dorothy Lee is on a mission to assist people in healing themselves so that they can begin consciously co-creating the changes they wish to see in the world by becoming them.  Her work brings out one's divine gifts and talents and awakens people to the truth of their magnificence.


Her shamanic gifts help people in connecting with truth and integrity; assisting them in merging with their higher selves.  Once this merge has occurred, people become conscious co-creators instead of unconscious ones.


Dorothy Lee's goals are to:


HELP you live a life based in LOVE vs. FEAR.

EXPAND your consciousness in a safe and loving environnment.

ACCELERATE your spiritual progress.

MERGE you with your Higher Self.

ASSIST you in reclaiming your POWER.


Dorothy Lee believes that the pages of a healthy life have special meaning and constitute an evolving life story with chapters containing the human precepts of integrity, compassion and wholeness.  Love and Miracles offers a safe refuge where individuals are encouraged to identify and connect with their inner self of themselves, those whom they care for, and their environment.

Dorothy Lee has been working for many years in her practice in San Diego and now in Sherman Oaks. By combining her special shamanic gifts, she can help her clients from many different perspectives and increase the chances of success.  There is no substitute for experience and Dorothy Lee has more "experience" than most of the people on earth.  Her personal story is inspirational and it is through overcoming much trauma and drama that she is able to assist you in overcoming your personal issues and rewrite your stories.

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