Love and Miracles and Energetic Alchemy
Love and Miracles and Energetic Alchemy

Individual Sessions

Life can be full of problems, anxieties, dead-end situations, or just feels empty sometimes. During our individual counseling sessions, I can help you identify and understand your particular situation. Together, we can work on finding the courage to address your situation and initiate positive changes in your life. You can trust me as I have an excellent education and, more importantly, many years of experience.

Where can individual counseling help?

  • Personal enrichment
  • Self-determination
  • Dealing with depression and anxiety
  • Dealing with loss and trauma

How does it work?

I help people to understand their feelings and needs. Together with you, we develop the steps and daily tools necessary to initiate positive changes in your life. This is how we do it:  The work begins before you arrive as I require you to complete a document that assists me getting to know you before our session. The session begins with us discussing your issues as stated in the document.  Powerful healing tools are shared with you.

  • We discuss current problems or goals
  • Identify early problem-solving skills
  • Examine patterns of relating to others
  • Develop goal-oriented strategies
  • Assess personal resources
  • Learn tools and techniques for changing old patterns of behavior and implementing decisions and choices
  • After discussing and sharing the necessary tools for change, you will experience an Energetic Alchemy healing on my healing table with thousands of crystals underneath it.
  • And, if desired, we can end with a Tesla Star Experience. 
  • The Tesla Star is an exquisite Vibrational Energy technology that re-interprets the pioneering work of 20th Century geniuses such as Tesla, Rife, Lakhovsky and others. It combines Three high voltage Tesla Coils in the base unit, along with 12 Noble Gas Tube elements in a concentric ring that produces a complex frequency field composed of elemental resonant frequencies, mixed wavelength radio frequencies, electrostatic energy and broad spectrum photon energies.  Our Tesla Star is the same technology that was widely used in Atlantis, Lemuria and early Egypt and was once known as the Ark of the Covenant. We believe that the Star assists us in connecting with Source, thus expanding Human Consciousness and raising our vibrations. Dorothy Donahue also uses the Star to assist in the opening of Stargates, which allow the higher dimensional beings easy access to the planet and to all us.

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