Love and Miracles and Energetic Alchemy
Love and Miracles and Energetic Alchemy

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Dorothy Donahue

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Energetic Alchemy is the COURSE for all Healing Masters, Practitioners and novices who would like to go to the next level.  It matters not if you have been practicing healing for years or have just been thinking about starting a healing practice, this is an opportunity to remember what you are truly here to do and to advance and accelerate your healing skills no matter what your previous training has been.


Energetic Alchemy is the alchemy of self-transformation.  When most people think of alchemy, they think of the alchemists of the past who sought to turn base metals into gold.  In truth, self transformation was the goal of the most spiritual of alchemists long ago.  Energetic Alchemy shows us a way to change heavy negative energy into the magic of divine energy which we can then use to transform ourselves and others.  Everything is energy and Energetic Alchemy reminds us that we are Divine children of God and therefore, we are truly the Power in our world.  This course is truly a life mastery course and you will be given all of the tools necessary to transform your lives into ones filled with love and magic.




Dorothy Donahue is also the Co-Creator and Executive Producer of The LIFE CHANGES Show.

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